Swimming Pool Leak Detection in Houston

swimming pool maintenanceWe all love to enjoy our swimming pools during those hot summer months.

But if your swimming pool suddenly springs a leak, it’s going to be difficult to have a fun time swimming and enjoying yourself inside of the pool.

It might seem difficult to detect a swimming pool leak if you do not know what to look for. With that in mind, we will share some of our best swimming pool leak detection tips and tricks with you today. This way it will be very easy for you to find a swimming pool leak if it ever happens to you.

Swimming Pool Leak Detection Tips

Our best swimming pool leak detection tips include:

  • Check your swimming pool equipment thoroughly – it’s easy for your swimming pool equipment to become damaged or loose at times. By checking your filter, heater, pump and more, you can make sure that the hoses are completely attached or that they do not have any holes in them.
  • Soggy areas around the swimming pool – if you notice certain soggy or wet areas around the swimming pool and this is happening at all times, you have to look to find out if there is anything eroding in those areas. If there is erosion, you might need to either replace certain parts of your swimming pool or patch up the pool so that the hole is no longer a problem.
  • Check the water level near the skimmer – it’s a good idea to measure the water level in this area because it is a typical area of the pool that will leak. Use a measuring tape or a grease pencil to check the level, and in 24 hours, if the measurement is off by a quarter of an inch, you most likely have a leak in the skimmer.

Use this information for swimming pool leak detection. Look to the pro pool technicians at our Houston swimming pool company for all your swimming maintenance and repair services in Northwest Houston and the surrounding areas.